Honorary Chairs

Honorary Chair

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Beth Wilson

"To be not just the Chair for the 10th Anniversary, but the first female Chair in the history of The Ride is a double honour… So I am excited to be a role model. I am excited to inspire other female Riders who are out there and have them collectively move the bar this year as a group of women in The Ride."

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Celebrate with us!

Join our 2017 Honorary Chair and Industry Leaders for The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. We're celebrating 10 EPIC YEARS and want you to join us!

Vice Chairs

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Adrian Lang

Head of Business Management, Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking and Channels, BMO Financial Group

"Anyone who's done The Ride knows that you come back. We had many, many new Riders last year on our team and most of them have already signed up for the 10th because doing The Ride is such an amazing experience together, and I think it's symbolic of the fact that The Princess Margaret and all of the Riders have really committed to raising funds for cancer research.”

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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Vince Saroli

Director, Small Professional Firms, Academic & Government, Thomson Reuters

"The best part of The Ride—and it happened very early in my experience—was the first day out on the Saturday and looking at everyone's bikes and reading the bike tags—everyone’s names. To come up behind someone and call them out and ask how they are doing, to talk to them about their experience, was fantastic.”

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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Jason Wolkove

Associate General Counsel at Magna International

“It’s a very exciting time for The Princess Margaret and I think a great celebration of what they have accomplished.”

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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Lorraine Wiseman

President & General Manager,
Spirax Sarco

“My son asked to do The Ride to Conquer Cancer… So I became his number one fundraiser. And then came the day of The Ride… I experienced the whole Ride vicariously through him and I remember saying to him at the very end: ‘Kid, that’ll be the last time I am on the fan line! I will be doing The Ride to Conquer Cancer and you’re going to be on my team."

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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Lydia Lee

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer University Health Network

“Being asked to serve as a Vice Chair for this 10th Anniversary Ride is very special for me in a few ways. This is my fifth year for The Ride—so it’s my golden helmet year—I am totally excited about that. But more importantly for me, my father passed away from cancer when I was very young. He actually died when he was 51, and I just turned 51 this year as well, so it’s just incredibly coincidental but also just even more special for me that I get to ride on the year of his passing in this Vice Chair role.”

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Support The Women on Wheels Referral Program Sponsored by Beth Wilson

Riders, help us find the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who could make our EPIC event even better! The Women on Wheels Referral Program is sponsored by Honorary Chair Beth Wilson and is your opportunity to grow our Ride community as well as your fundraising tally!

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Past Honorary Chairs


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